Friday, 13 April 2018

Ako evening

Yesterday we had and ako evening event were everyone's parents comes to school and sees our work that we have been doing for the term. This term our topic was based on our local community and what is some information we can write about it. Here is my work that you can read about my time at the ako evening.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Reflection on Talent show

On the 5th of April we had our very own kia manawanui talent show to fundraise for our camp that we are having next term in term 2. There were many beautiful performances that everyone in kia manawanui syndicate did. The talents that I did was performing group performances and I performed in 3 performances and the performances I was in was my hula group, and then the hula girls performed our very own band that we did together and the last one I was in was the school band which I thought was great. I think the talent show was great and I think we didn't really get up to our fundraising goal and the goal of how much we needed was $2,700, but if we didn't I still thought that the talent show was great.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Kiwisports and P.E lessons

Today the kia manawanui syndicate went to our kiwi sports and P.E lessons and we were learning different ways to hit the ball in volley and in kiwi sports we had lots of challenges and just on on won with another person.

IALT: Reflect on sports that I have been doing today.

Here are some photos to go with my blog.
Image result for volleyball pngImage result for volleyball png

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Blog commenting- Kensignton

Today I have been giving others feedback and one of them is Kensington and I have been commenting on him blog commenting on someone else's blog and also I think that he needs a lot of work but I think he tried his best and I think that my comment will give some feedback and feed forward and it will help him for the next time he blogs.

IALT: give others feedback and feedforward so that the next time they blog they will have some goals.

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Today we were at technology at Tamaki college and we were learning how to use the website tinkercad. tinkercad is a website that we put our phone holders on and we also made it in real life using the 3D printer.
I enjoyed looking at the design that Miss Ferguson was printing on the 3D printer. I think the thing that was challenging was when I had to try think of a design I could make with the 3D shapes.
Here is my photo of my design.

IALT: Blog about my time at technology.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Blog Commenting - Aletheia

Image result for commentToday I have been commenting on my sisters work to give her feedback and feed forward. My sister had a biz zillion blogs and I thought that I could go and seeher blog post's that she does.Today I have chosen to do a blog comment on her blog post about her blog commenting to Arizona who is a classmate of mine.I really enjoy blog commenting on her blog because how I got to see what she enjoyed about Arizona's blog and also got to see what Arizona could improve on which is using more information into her blog post.
Here is my comment to Aletheia.
Image result for commentIALT:
Blog comment

Monday, 12 March 2018

P.E / Kiwisports reflection

Today my class and I went out to go and have kiwi sports and P.E, In Kiwi sports we learnt another different way to hit the ball and it's called the volley hit. In P.e we played cricket and just had different challenges and rounds.
Here are some extra photos that has our class playing tennis and cricket.
This is us playing Cricket
This is us playing Tennis
This is us playing cicket but on the courts.

IALT: Relflection on sports I have done.