Thursday, 15 March 2018


Today we were at technology at Tamaki college and we were learning how to use the website tinkercad. tinkercad is a website that we put our phone holders on and we also made it in real life using the 3D printer.
I enjoyed looking at the design that Miss Ferguson was printing on the 3D printer. I think the thing that was challenging was when I had to try think of a design I could make with the 3D shapes.
Here is my photo of my design.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Blog Commenting - Aletheia

Image result for commentToday I have been commenting on my sisters work to give her feedback and feed forward. My sister had a biz zillion blogs and I thought that I could go and seeher blog post's that she does.Today I have chosen to do a blog comment on her blog post about her blog commenting to Arizona who is a classmate of mine.I really enjoy blog commenting on her blog because how I got to see what she enjoyed about Arizona's blog and also got to see what Arizona could improve on which is using more information into her blog post.
Here is my comment to Aletheia.
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Monday, 12 March 2018

P.E / Kiwisports reflection

Today my class and I went out to go and have kiwi sports and P.E, In Kiwi sports we learnt another different way to hit the ball and it's called the volley hit. In P.e we played cricket and just had different challenges and rounds.
Here are some extra photos that has our class playing tennis and cricket.
This is us playing Cricket
This is us playing Tennis
This is us playing cicket but on the courts.

IALT: Relflection on sports I have done.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Improving my blog

Image result for blogToday I have been blogging to improve my skills in blogging. In my last blog I was blogging about saying thankyou to my sister Aletheia because she was also helping me improve my blogging skills. I have been trying to follow the blog checklist to make sure that my blogs are up to standard and I also have been checking up how much blog post I have each week to see how much I have improved on in each week with my blog skills.
I enjoyed with blogging was talking about what things I did about what i enjoyed and what was challenging.
What I find chanllenging in blogging was remembering each and every idea that pops into my head, I thought that was challenging because I don't seem to find ideas easily in my brain but I sometimes do get help from my Sister Aletheia,friends and teachers.
Image result for blogEnjoy Reading!
Write down about me improving in my blog.

The weekends

Image result for The weekends picture
In the weekends we went out to do our laundry at the laundromat and I enjoyed when I got to put the detergent into the machine. Afterwards we went to my grandparents house and what I found really challenging was when we had to hang there washing but the heat felt like it was 1000 degrees there, so then my sister Aletheia had to go and get the umbrella so that we at least had some shade to aunts get the job done, After that we went home and my  and cousin arrived from church and we played and did face paint.  Then they went home but my Mum, Ana and my two younger brothers went with them and my two older sisters and I stayed home with my dad and my dad was asleep which gave me and my sisters a opportunity to have free time and do what ever we wanted to do. I hope next time we go to the beach or the pools so that we could cool down and have a little bit of a relaxation from all the work we had at school
 ( I Love school).

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Thank You Aletheia

Image result for Aletheia Fifita Tamaki primary schoolI would like to say a big thank you to my sister Aletheia because with out her I wouldn't have the courage to blog my things that I do and all of that stuff. With out her I wouldn't be able to do blogs and because of her I wouldn't be me. I have been blogging on the weekends on her netbook so that I can get my blogs at a higher stage than it is now. Thank you. I really enjoyed blogging about my weekends and what was challenging. I think that the challenging thing about blogging this was being able to write more things in my blogs and also by getting more ideas to right in my blog so that it can be at a high standard like my sister's blog. I think everyone should see my sisters blog and see the many wounderful things she has been blogging about.
Write down a huge thank you to Aletheia.

Blog commenting - Suave

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Today I have been commenting on students from the Kia Manawanui Sycates blogs and here today I have chosen to do a blog comment on Suaves blog about his cricket reflection.I have blogged commented on his blog because how I have not blogged commented on his blog and I think today would be alright.In my blog comment I have written down a feedback and a feedforward for Suave.I really enjoy reading Suave's cricket because how I got to learn how much fun he had but I think next time in the future he could work on putting down images.
Here is my comment to Suave.
Feel Free to take a look but don't forget to COMMENT below!.
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CLICK HERE to check out Suave's Blog.